Our Story


Laggers Coffee Roasters is the culmination of two childhood friends, David & James, with a shared passion for great coffee. With family ties to Colombia, one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet, we specialise entirely on sourcing, shipping and roasting Colombian coffee.


Those fortunate enough to have visited this luscious landscape, need not ask this question. With well over half a million coffee producing farmers, Colombia is one of the highest exporters of green coffee beans in the world. We have built personal relationships with hundreds of these producers and work with them and other exporters directly to buy at the source at a rate that is mutually agreed upon, well above fair trade value. In addition, Colombia's unique climate offers year-round harvests, meaning we are always able to source the freshest and highest scoring coffees.

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Having spent time with a number of different farmers who implement various social and ecological initiatives, we felt these were important practices to bring to the specialty coffee community. By attributing the producers story on each of our coffees, we hope these insights become apparent with each and every cup.


Our coffee bags are widely recyclable and are made from PET and LDPE plastics, so we recommend recycling our bags where you usually recycle carrier bags. This will either be a recycling point at your major supermarket or in your home recycling. We recommend you check with your local council. Dutch Coffee Pack is a certified Co2 neutral company. Find out more about our carbon neutral coffee bags here.

Alternatively, we work with TerraCycle to recycle our coffee bags. TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste. Until we find a packaging material that can be recycled easily and doesn’t impact the quality and freshness of our coffee, we feel this is the best solution to recycle our coffee packaging.

How It Works


Collect your used Laggers Coffee bags.


Once you have a few collected, post them back to the following address;

Unit 8, Gateway Business Centre, Tom Cribb Road, Woolwich, SE28 0EZ


Once we have a box full of bags, we ship them to TerraCycle for recycling. They then undergo extrusion and pelletisation and are then moulded into various recycled plastic products.


As a thankyou for helping save the planet, we will refund the cost of postage back to you on your next order via a discount code.

Online orders are sent plastic-free through the post using cardboard boxes and packing. We are a carbon-neutral business, thanks to the initiatives from Ecologi.


Laggers Coffee Roasters