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Decaf Montes Tatamá

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  • Tasting Notes: Mellow, Dates, Biscotti
  • SCA Score: 85.00
  • Region: Risaralda
  • Variety: Colombia
  • Process: Washed (EA)
  • Altitude: 2000 MASL


Juan Carlos Lopez is a seasoned coffee producer and is incredibly impressive with his overall approach to processing and the uniformity of his larger lots.

This particular lot is decaffeinated locally and is known as the sugarcane process. Ethyl acetate, a natural solvent, is derived from local sugarcane and added to spring water, creating the basic liquid solution where the coffee beans will be immersed. 

This method avoids the use of excessive heat that could damage the seed structure and results in a sweet and tasty cup! Further, having the decaffeination done locally helps us to continue in our goals to invest in Colombia and we genuinely believe this is the best tasting and most sustainable method of decaffeination available.



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